‘Ceramic Christmas’ is a fun game of the Christmas spirit

Ceramic Christmas is a game of “how to make your own Christmas ornament,” according to the game’s creators, who are seeking a $2,000 grant from the Federal Trade Commission.

The game is a blend of Christmas-themed holiday decoration, and traditional Christmas cards, and is designed to be played on an electric space heater.

It features a deck of cards that can be played face down or upside down.

The cards are decorated in various ways, including an oversized Christmas tree, a giant cookie, a snowman, and even a car.

The makers of the game are working with ceramic designers and manufacturers to create a set of ceramic cards that are unique to each individual Christmas tree.

The deck of ceramic Christmas cards comes with six different Christmas decorations, including the traditional “Ceramics Christmas Tree” and the “Cherubic Christmas Tree.”

“The idea is that you can put them in your own home, and you can have fun playing them, and then share them with others,” co-founder and chief executive of ceramic card company Ceramic Christmas Village, Jonathan Zorak, said.

The company is seeking the money under a program called the New America Challenge.

The goal is to create and distribute 3,000 ceramic Christmas card sets by March 31.

“I think it’s really about trying to make Christmas something people can get behind and enjoy,” said Zorack, who is also the chief marketing officer of the New York-based game company.

The ceramic Christmas game is made from recycled Christmas cards.

The game is available in a limited number of plastic, aluminum, and glass containers and a plastic card case.

The first version of the ceramic Christmas Card game was played in 2014 at a Christmas party hosted by a couple who were looking for an alternative Christmas decoration.

“The kids got a lot of fun out of it, and we didn’t want to do anything too heavy and complicated,” Zorach said.

The couple also played the game with friends.

The Ceramic Holiday Card game has since been embraced by people in every demographic and has grown to include more than 3,600 versions of the card.

The idea behind the game is to combine different elements from Christmas decorations and traditional cards, such as Christmas lights and decorations, Christmas tree decorations, and snowmen.

The games can be used to decorate any room of a home or even a public place.

“Ceramas Christmas is an awesome idea, it’s a fun idea, and it’s something that I think everyone can do, but I think we need more support,” Zorgay said.