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New ceramic cafe in Toronto opens

A new ceramic cafe is opening in Toronto. 

This time, it’s going to be called “Ceramic Water Dispenser”. 

Ceramics are ceramic cups and they are typically used to dispense water. 

The owner, Paul Lachance, said he started out by making a ceramic cup that was already out of date. 

He said the ceramic water dispensers are supposed to last about 30 years. 

“The ceramic cups that are out there today, they’re made to last 30 years and you can’t go any further than that,” he said. 

But this time, the ceramic coffee cups are going to last longer. 

When I asked the owner if he would like to open the cafe, he said he would. 

His goal is to have 10 ceramic coffee makers for coffee shops and bars. 

Lachance said he doesn’t have a location yet.

“I want to try and find an existing coffee shop or coffee shop in the city that will be willing to take the plunge,” he told CBC News.

He said he hopes to have the cafes open this summer.