Glass-ceramic glassware maker Ceramic Technics says it is recalling all ceramic glassware due to a new molding issue

Glass-termey ceramic glass maker Ceramics has recalled all ceramic-coated ceramic glass products worldwide because of a new issue with molding.

Ceramics’ parent company, New York-based New York Glass Company, said Monday it will notify consumers who purchased ceramic-glassware in the U.S. and Europe in the last week of July.

The company said customers should contact Ceramic Technics at 800-844-9333 to obtain a replacement glassware.

The new mold issues were found in ceramic-to-glass molding used to make ceramic ceramic cookie jars, which Ceramies said was the same mold used in ceramic cookie jar containers.

The brand says customers should be advised that ceramic glass and ceramic cookie-jars are made with the same manufacturing process, so there is no difference in performance between the two.

Ceremonial and public events are also affected.

Cersamics said it is working to identify and address the mold issues and to resolve the problem quickly.

Cars are also being recalled in the United States.

The recall affects vehicles made from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

CeriActions, a maker of ceramic glass plates, will replace all ceramic ceramic glass plate and ceramic plate accessories.

Ceryl Glass, a manufacturer of ceramic tile, will offer an adapter to customers with ceramic tile plates or ceramic tile accessories.