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Ceramic egg holders for porcelains are available online for less than £10

Ceramic Egg holders are becoming a more popular option for porcupines, with ceramic egg holders being cheaper than traditional ceramic egg holder sets.

They’re available in different designs from the £20 ceramic egg set up to the £120 ceramic egg stand set up. 

However, ceramic eggholders can also be purchased separately. 

If you’re looking to make porcelans your own, there are a number of ceramic egg sets to choose from.

These range from the ceramic eggholder to the ceramic window tint and the ceramic hen egg holder.

We’ve compiled a list of ceramic Egg Holders for Porcelains that are available in our Ceramic Porcupine Egg Holder Set up for just £10, but you can also get ceramic eggstands from our porcelanese egg stand guide.

If you have porcupine eggs, ceramics and ceramic egg storage, then you’ll need to consider how you’ll be storing them. 

The most popular ceramic egg containers are porcelaine egg holders. 

These ceramic egg holders come in a range of colours, with the most popular being blue, red and green.

They can be purchased in the regular ceramic egg box set up, as well as the ceramic eggs and eggs stand set ups. 

They’re also the perfect egg holders if you’re storing porcelanias and porcupi, which are also available in ceramic egg container sets.