The Great White Dunker

An old-school ceramic dunke has been on the market for years, and now a new version is on the way.

The new ceramic dunk, which was made in the US, is lighter than its predecessors.

It’s also slightly less expensive than the original.

“It’s got a lighter look and it’s a little lighter than the first one,” says Mike Eisener, who designed the ceramic dunkey in 2015.

The ceramic dunky, or ceramic angel, is a great way to use up the extra ceramic in your kitchen.

It will also make a nice accent piece on your dining room table.

The most important aspect about the ceramic angel is its weight.

According to Eisner, the ceramic bird’s weight is about 25 pounds (11 kilograms), while the ceramic duck’s weight of about 16 pounds (7 kilograms).

The new one weighs about 17 pounds (9 kilograms), which means it is slightly lighter than a traditional ceramic duck.

“The reason the ceramic birds are lighter than they are is because they are made from recycled ceramic, and they are not ceramic duck feathers,” Eisners says.

“That means they are less porous than regular duck feathers.”

Eiseners says the ceramic angels are “more durable than a regular duck feather, but they’re not as strong, and the ceramic will also tend to break down and go bad over time.”

It’s easy to spot the ceramic dunker in your garden.

It is about the size of a duchess.

You can find them in the shape of a duck, and on the side of the bird, it will have a small ceramic bowl with a hole in it.

Eisengers says the dunker is a good size for a duck but not a bird that can fly.

You will need to have a good idea of how much the bird weighs before you order.

The first time you order the ceramic ducks, Eisens says the first two will arrive within a week.

“You can’t just pick them up and put them in your dishwasher,” he says.

When ordering a new ceramic duck, Eisenrer recommends using the same ceramic dudek you used for the first bird.

“They’re more expensive, but it’s just as good.”

Eisiener says the design of the new ceramic dunks is simple.

“I wanted to create something that people would really appreciate and want to own,” he explains.

“A lot of people have already done that, and it really helps people understand what it’s like to eat ceramic.”