Why the #CakeWalk is not about the #BlackLivesMatter issue, it’s about the culture of hate and intolerance that continues to plague our country

A crowd of about 1,000 people have gathered at a local restaurant for a “Cake Walk” to celebrate the diversity of cake decorating in America.

According to the New York Daily News, the event was started in response to the racially charged attacks on a Black woman in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The organizers have also made clear they are targeting white supremacist groups.

Organizers, including former President Donald Trump’s former deputy chief of staff Reince Priebus, told the Daily News that the event is designed to raise awareness about the racist and homophobic culture of the country.

They told the paper they wanted to show the world that people in America are not afraid to speak up against racism, as well as to show that “America is not a melting pot.”

In a statement to the Daily Post, the group said they are working with a diversity of local businesses to host the event.

“We will not be shutting down our bakery and our bakery will not shut down the town,” one of the organizers, Heather Alder, said in the statement.

“The cake walk will not stop the racism and bigotry in our country.

We will not accept it.

We have seen it with our own eyes and will continue to see it as long as we live.”

The group plans to host a “tour of the cake shops” in which they will be able to see “every bakery in America.”

The “Crazy Cakes” cake tour was organized by the group, which is part of a larger national “Cakes to the People” effort that seeks to show how the cake industry is making a difference in America’s social and economic issues.

“Cakery to the people is about the way in which the people of this country are represented and honored in the cake business,” the group’s statement said.

“It is about creating spaces where people can celebrate the richness of diversity, and the diversity that has been created by cake-making, and to empower the people in our communities to make meaningful and positive contributions to the world.”