The secret to good stoves

A Japanese ceramic stove top that was built to be used on the stove top could have been used as a window tint for a glass display, according to a report in The New York Times.

The stovetop, which is made by a Japanese company called Tōko, is made from a ceramic alloy called “silica” and features a glass tinted window that could have provided an extra layer of light on the glass.

“If a person is in a bright area, they can’t see through it,” said Kiyoshi Suzuki, a materials scientist at Japan’s University of Tsukuba, who led the research.

If a glass window was installed, the tinted glass would have allowed the owner to see through the glass, making the interior feel more natural, Suzuki said.

According to The Times, a Tōkō product was sold at the Japan Expo in February, and the Japanese company is planning to start production of a new product with a glass-tinted window in 2017.

It’s not the first time a Japanese manufacturer has built a glass stovetop to help lighten the interior of a home.

In 2009, the makers of the glass stove, a company called Kyushu Glass, began producing a product called “Sekiyo” that could be used as an interior light.

When Kyushus Glass started producing the product, it was marketed as an alternative to traditional lightbulbs that would not work with modern LED bulbs, but the company eventually switched to LED bulbs and installed a “sensors” that enabled them to use the bulbs, according the Times.

KyushuGlass was sold for $7,400 in Japan and in the United States in 2014, and is still making the product.