Ceramic Christmas village to become the first ceramic Christmas village in the US

Costumed Christmas villagers are set to open a new ceramic Christmas-themed restaurant in the White Ceramic Village in South Florida.

The white ceramic pottery village will open in the winter of 2019, with the first restaurant in town expected to open in 2020.

The new ceramic village is a collaboration between the White House, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The White Ceramics, Inc. The White House is partnering with the ceramic community to create the new restaurant, which will offer Christmas and holiday favorites from around the country, including a traditional, wood-fired Christmas tree, gingerbread house, ginger cookie, Christmas lights, and more.

The Art Institutes White Ceramas will serve traditional holiday foods, while The White ceramics will be offering Christmas crafts.

The village is set to have a festive theme for the opening, with holiday food vendors, live music, and holiday decorations.

“We are excited to welcome the ceramic village to our community,” said Sarah Haines, the White ceramas director of partnerships.

“This unique culinary opportunity brings us one step closer to celebrating our holiday traditions and to our mission of giving back to the community.”

Hains said the village will offer traditional Thanksgiving dinners, holiday food, holiday decorations, and even holiday crafts, including gingerbread houses, ginger cookies, and Christmas lights.

The restaurant will have a large Christmas tree on the main floor, with gingerbread and cookie decorated sides.

The interior of the restaurant will be filled with traditional Christmas lights and gingerbread decorations.

The ceramic village will also offer a range of Christmas-inspired dishes and desserts, including Christmas muffins, cookie-wrapped cookies, ginger and ginger pie, Christmas rolls, ginger muffins with chocolate frosting, and ginger bread.

The menu will feature a selection of seasonal, holiday items, including holiday cookies, Christmas-wrapping cookies, Gingerbread cookies, chocolate frostings, ginger bread, ginger biscuits, ginger cupcakes, ginger cake, ginger frosting cakes, ginger tea, and Gingerbread candles.

The chef, who will be joined by his wife and son, will serve all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving meals and seasonal dishes, as well as a Christmas-style menu.

The ceramis are offering the White and the Art Institute a generous donation of $250,000, which the White Art Institute will use to help with the village.

The Village of White Cerama will be open from February 20 through November 30.

The price for the ceramic potters is $75 per person, but it will be offered for free with the purchase of a reservation.

You can purchase tickets for the White ceramic village here.

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