Ceramic cooking pots are getting better with the introduction of ceramic coating headers

In a new blog post, ceramic coating header maker Ceramic says it has been able to make ceramic cookpots that are “not only more resilient to water damage than the glass ceramic, but also lighter”. 

The blog post by ceramic says the ceramic cookpot design is “a reflection of the ceramic culture and the tradition of the ancient Indians who used ceramic cooking pots”. 

Ceramic says that its ceramic coated cookpots are designed to be more water resistant than glass ceramic. 

It says the cookpots have an internal diameter of 4.5mm, which is smaller than most cookware made today. 

“The ceramic coating can be attached to the bottom of the cooking pot to increase its water resistance and also to increase the cooking time,” Ceramic explains. 

According to Ceramic, ceramic coated cooking pots have a cooking time of 20 minutes and the cooking times of ceramic coated pots have increased by 10 per cent in the last 10 years. 

Cheramic says the cooking pots also have a lower heat loss, which means that the cooking process does not need to be heated up much. 

In the future, Ceramic hopes to increase this water resistance to an “acceptable” level and add an additional coating. 

The company says that it has already produced ceramic coated stainless steel cookpots and ceramic coated nonstick cooking pots. 

But there are also ceramic coated copper cookpots, ceramic lined cookpots (with ceramic coating) and ceramic lined nonstick pans. 

Some ceramic coated ceramic cookpots have a ceramic coating that covers the bottom and allows it to be used in an oven without the need for heating it up. 

 Cersamic says its ceramic cook pots are made of ceramic and are water resistant, so you will be able to use them in a dishwasher without fear of damaging the ceramic coating.

Ceramics ceramic coated kitchen utensils also have an added feature. 

They are made out of ceramic, which gives them an extra layer of protection against water. 

You can buy ceramic coated silverware, ceramic painted ceramic utensil and ceramic painted silverware.