How to make ceramic pottery from scratch: A guide

AP title How do you make ceramic pots?

A guide for home decorators article BY MICHAEL DUNHAMBY – Associated PressA group of people from the U.S. and Canada decided to get a piece of ceramic potter’s work out of their own hands.

They got together to design a ceramic piece that was meant to go into a ceramic bowl to be filled with a mixture of spices and herbs.

The idea was to make a ceramic pot with all the spices and fruits that the potter would normally cook.

The idea was, what are the most fragrant spices and the most aromatic ones?

The result is a ceramic dish that can be poured out of a bowl.

A ceramic pot that’s shaped like a pot of ice cream that can also be used to make ice cream, the group said in a video published on YouTube.

It’s not a recipe.

The group’s name is the Ceramic Pottery Society.