French press company finds new $7.5m investment

The French press giant Ceramics has announced a new $3.5 million investment in its $1.6 billion acquisition of the French brand Glaser Press, a deal that will create the world’s largest press company.

The Glaser Group is the world leader in press production and distribution.

The group also produces the press in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The company announced the new investment Thursday in a statement.

The deal will see Glaser press enter into a strategic alliance with the Ceramicals press operations to further develop the brand, said the statement.

Glaser will retain a 20 percent stake in Ceramis operations.

Glaser will continue to develop Glaser-branded products and services in all of its core markets.

Glasers Press is a subsidiary of French company Ceramix, the world largest commercial press operator.